Friday, August 10, 2012

Uhmurika vuhzuz Frunz

Man these 3 round fights are really exciting. While I was looking through the Olympic fights I stumbled on USAvFR and my first thought was "I'm gonna watch a Frenchman get beat up!". Well as boxing goes I also got to watch an American get beat up. It was a really fun match, both were really equal boxers but the US guy was just edging out the first two rounds by one point but the last round was something else. The French dood was basically holding back a nuclear bomb of energy and just went crazy the first half of the last round. He really was just pushing the American around for that bit. Unfortunately he couldn't keep it up the whole 3 minutes and started to go back to normal human speed and wasn't able to get the 3 points he needed to win. Both guys are just amazing athletes.

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