Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hungry Dash Background 3D Work pt 5

I created Hungry Dash around 2 years ago now and new so as a fun little test I decided to do was re-create one of the buildings from my film in a couple of ways.

The first thought was that I'm better at modeling and texturing now so how would the building look following the same thought process but just as I would make it now using the original texture materials.

The second reinterpretation was to create the building in the more graphic design aesthetic that I have been developing recently.

As a point of reference I also included the original model as it appeared in my film. The edge loops and poly count for the model are really staggering. The film was really a huge learning process and some of the practical engineering aspects of the film were a bit janky to say the least. Even still I'm really happy with how the film came out in the end and how much I learned through the production of it.

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